About Our Company

BTIC America Corporation

BTIC America Corporation (BAC) – formerly named America Fortune Company – was established in 1995 in Houston, Texas. In that year, our 1st shipment of high pressure gas cylinders from Beijing Tianhai Industry Co., Ltd. (BTIC) was imported and a long relationship had begun. Over the past two decades, BAC has grown, becoming a subsidiary of BTIC in 2010. Together they are one of the largest cylinder manufacturers and distributors in the world. BTIC and BAC represent over six different manufacturing facilities, offering a wide range of products for every cylinder need.

 1995 – America Fortune Company was established.
 2010 – America Fortune Company merged with BTIC to become a subsidiary of BTIC.
 2014 – Company name was changed to BTIC America Corporation.


We handle your pressure right for less!
At BTIC America Corporation, we pride ourselves in offering the most advanced gas cylinders for all relevant industries. We endeavor to exceed our customer’s expectations by
a) providing high quality cylinders at competitive prices;
b) delivering first-class service;
c) treating everyone with integrity and professionalism.
Our ongoing commitment to quality, service and continued improvement ensures we are a leader in the cylinder industry.

Parent Company – BTIC

Beijing Tianhai Industry Co., Ltd. (BTIC) is a group enterprise with six professional manufacturing bases for the production of a variety of cylinders.
BTIC produces high pressure seamless cylinders, welded cylinders, composite cylinders, accumulated shells, cryogenic cylinders, gas storage special containers, SCBA cylinders and cryogenic tanks. BTIS offers over 800 sizes of cylinders and containers to choose from.